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"We have known Amandine for three years now. My daughter has taken pony riding lessons from her in summer camp, after school group lessons, and mommy and me classes. I have been taking individual riding lessons for 8 months.


Amandine is an excellent riding teacher. She is patient and supportive, yet knows how and when to push a student to learn something new. Her knowledge about everything horses--anatomy, health, grooming, breeds, equipment, care, riding styles/strategies, history as well as the latest in the horsing world--always amazes me.


Both my daughter and I have thoroughly enjoyed our riding lessons with Amandine and have learned so much!I would highly recomment Amandine as a riding instructor for all ages."

-Sarah Muscolina, Mom and Riding Student





"It is my great pleasure to tell you about the essence of Amandine. I met her working at pony camp when she was just a teen. I knew then what is proven now; that she is a young woman of great integrity with a true gift. When Amandine works with horses and children together, something magical happens. Her natural instincts with animals and people are something to behold. She’s worked with my daughters, our horses and even my boyfriend’s daughter with significant special needs over the past 8 years or so. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in horse training, behavioral assessments, riding lessons, and trail riding. She does it all!!
       -Dana Shaw, horse owner and mom of two wonderful girls





"Amandine has been riding my horses for 2 years now. Her patience & gentleness combined with her innate knowledge of horses has helped improve my relationship with both my boys. She has spent invaluable time on the trail with my 13 year old arab and he is now calm and enjoys himself. She also was able to help me problem solve some shoeing issues that have helped alleviate discomfort. With my older arab (24 years old) she now just spends time with him or allows him to graze in turnout. I don't know what I would have done with out her this fall. After breaking my leg, Amandine was there to exercise both my boys while I healed for 3 months. I can't say enough about her. She's the best."

        -Gigi Sanroma, owner of Flash and Silver





"I can't speak highly enough of Amandine and her ability to work with horses. She is an accomplished rider and a perfect personality for instructing children and adults. She is patient and makes being around a horse a pleasure and learning to ride a joy.  


She has been working my 2 Arabians a few times a week for over a year and is not only an excellent rider - both English & Western - but is always aware of the horse and its needs. I know when she is riding them they will not only be ridden well and correctly but also if anything is wrong Amandine will know what to look for and how to diagnose a problem.  


My own 5 year old granddaughter had never been on a pony before but after only one lesson with Amandine was confident and comfortable in the saddle and eager for more lessons.  


Keep up the good work Amandine. You are a pro and such a joy to work with. And the horses love you, too."

      -Susan Young, owner of Pilon and Cantada







And the best of all:





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