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Our training roster is full until November 2019, but we may be able to accommodate returning clients


ARRT also offers full and part-training.  In order to suit your horse's needs, Amandine will work with you closely to determine a riding schedule that is benefitial to horse and owner.  When she trains horses, Amandine believes that some of the simplest tools are keys to success - patience and consistency.  She strives to develop polite and happy horses that are suited to their riders' needs.

$30/ride, discounts and packages available.     

Full on-site training with board: $950/30 days
                                                         $1800/60 days
                                                         $2700/90 days

                                                       +$900 per additional 30
                                    *payment plans available with contract.

We also provide assistance to future horse owners that are searching for the perfect equine partner, and have helped rehome several horses.  Please contact for details.


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